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The 11-Meter band

Dear operators.

HamSphere is a shortwave simulation.
We mimick Amateur Radio bands as well as the 11 meter band.

The BIG difference between 11-meters and the Ham bands is the Calling frequency which is 27.555 Mhz

Let me remind you of the 11-meter procedure:

1. Find a free frequency on the 11-meter band (not 27.555)

2. Call CQ on 27.555 and say your QSY frequency such as “CQ CQ CQ from 110HS101, QSY 27.540 or “CQ CQ CQ from 110HS101, listening on 27.540″

3. Now QSY quickly to your QSO frequency (27.540) and call “110HS101 standing by for any call”

4. Never establish a QSO on 27.555, if you are called on 27.555 after your CQ, suggest a QSY immediately to a free frequency within the band.

5. If you get no response, go back to 1 and repeat.

The Amateur Radio bands such as 160, 80, 40, 20, 17, 15, 10, and 6 meters have no calling frequency. Hence you are supposed to call CQ on any frequency and consequently establish a QSO on the same frequency as you called.

Happy DX-ing